Program Update: The Line-Item Veto Case
On April 28, 1998 the Federalism and Separation of Powers Practice Group sponsored a Washington D.C. briefing on the Supreme Court’s oral arguments in the Line-Item Veto Act case that had occurred the day before. Tom Griffith, U.S. Senate Legal Counsel, summarized the history behind the Line-Item Veto case and offered his observations regarding the arguments before the Supreme Court.

In pertinent part, Mr. Griffith suggested that the Court seemed less concerned about standing than in the previous Line-Item Veto challenge. Moreover, he indicated that several justices expressed concerns about the applicability of the Nondelegation Doctrine. About 35 members were in attendance. The Federalist Society thanks the law firm of Wiley, Rein and Fielding for its graciousness in hosting the luncheon briefing.


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