From the Chairman: Our Third Year

The concept of practice groups within the Federalist Society was advanced only two years ago. Fifteen practice groups were established including the Labor and Employment Practice Group. I was asked to chair the group and with the able assistance of Lawyers Division Director, Leonard Leo, we were able to identify a group of vice chairmen who have contributed significantly to our success. Our initial Executive Committee included: Tammy McCutchen, Publications, Matkov, Salzman, Madoff & Gunn, Chicago, IL; Whitney Adams, Programs, Washington, DC; Peter Kilgore, Membership, National Restaurant Association, Washington, DC; Robert Pepper Crutcher, Bar Activities, Phelps Dunbar, L.L.P.

A first priority was membership and we are proud to advise you that we now have over 375 members. Another priority was our newsletter and this issue is our fifth. Tammy McCutchen, with the able assistance of Mark Parenti, Houston, Texas, was responsible for our success in this endeavor. A number of you have contributed articles, and we have received numerous positive comments as to their quality. We have presented substantive programs in 1996 and again in 1997 at the National Lawyers Convention in Washington, D.C. which were well received. In addition to these ongoing efforts, in 1998 we intend to add four additional committees: Union Activities and Individual Employment Rights Chair: David C. Askin, Houston, TX; Discrimination and Disability Law Chair: John Irving, Washington, DC; State Employment Law Chair: E. Scott Smith, Atlanta, GA; Pro Bono Outreach Co-Chairs: Debbie Goswami, Jackson, MS and Rex H. Reed, Springfield, VA. Our Executive Committee has been reconstituted. I will continue to serve as the practice group's chairman and the rest of the committee members are listed in a pull-out in the center of this issue.

We are planning two programs in 1998. The first will be on Labor and the Political Process and the second will be on Alternative Dispute Resolution. These are in addition to our programs at the National Lawyers convention which will be held in early November 1998. We intend to allot additional time at the convention for a meeting of the practice group to become better acquainted and to exchange ideas on how we can better contribute to the goals of the Federalist Society. We will also be issuing a Resource Directory early this year which will identify members of our group and their particular interests. I urge each of you to become involved in an activity of your choice. The Labor and Employment Practice Group will be a success only as a reflection of the interest and participation of its members. Please contact a vice chairman, Leonard Leo, or me and let us know of your interest to serve on a committee, write an article, assist with a program, or to otherwise participate in the work of the practice group. We are off to a grand start and I have every confidence that we will continue to be an important part of the Society.

Willard Z. Carr, Jr.

Labor and Employment Practice Group Chairman


2001 The Federalist Society