Classic Texts


From now on I began to prefer the Catholic teaching. The Church demanded that certain things should be believed even though they could not be proved, for if they could be proved, not all men could understand the proof, and some could not be proved at all. I thought that the Church was entirely honest in this and far less pretentious than the Manichees, who laughed at people who took things on faith, made rash promises of scientific knowledge, and then put forward a whole system of preposterous inventions which they expected their followers to believe on trust because they could not be proved.

Augustine, Confessions VI:5

Humanity consists of four types of people. The one who says, "My property is mine and yours is yours," is typical, though there are those who maintain that this is characteristic of Sodom. "Mine is yours and yours is mine," is unlearned; "mine is yours and yours is yours" is scrupulously pious; "yours is mine and mine is mine" is wicked.

Mishna Avoth, 5:13


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