Multimedia from Past Federalist Society Events



Date City Event Title
3/27/2007 Washington, DC The U.S. Attorney Controversy
3/13/2007 Washington, DC The Employee Free Choice Act: Who Benefits?
3/6/2007 Washington, DC Are Patents "Private Property" Under the Fifth Amendment?
2/28/2007 Los Angeles, CA Gay Marriage in California: Legal and Political Prospects
2/22/2007 Washington, DC Congressional Oversight vs. Executive Privilege
2/15/2007 Boston, MA State Consumer Protection Statutes
2/14/2007 Washington, DC Class Action Fairness Act: Two Years Later
1/27/2007 Simi Valley, CA The Legacy of the Department of Justice under Attorney General Edwin Meese, III
1/10/2007 Washington, DC Limits on the Use of Union Dues: Washington v. Washington Education Association
1/4/2007 - 1/5/2007 Washington, DC 2007 Annual Faculty Conference
12/5/2006 Washington, DC A Conversation on the Constitution with Supreme Court Justices Stephen Breyer and Antonin Scalia
11/30/2006 Boston, MA A Supreme Court Preview: What's on Tap for the 2006-07 Term
11/16/2006 - 11/18/2006 Washington, DC 2006 National Lawyers Convention - "Limited Government"
11/2/2006 Atlanta, GA Are Judicial Elections a Threat to Judicial Independence?
10/24/2006 Washington, DC Are Judicial Elections a Threat to Judicial Independence?
10/12/2006 Washinton, DC Mass Fraud in Mass Torts?
9/13/2006 Washington, DC Voting Fraud
7/26/2006 Washington, DC Public Financing of Campaigns
6/28/2006 Washington, DC Should the Voting Rights Act Be Extended?
6/19/2006 Washington, DC FBI Search on Capitol Hill: Legal and Policy Questions
6/15/2006 Washington, DC Struck Dumb: The History and Consequences of Campaign Finance Reform
5/10/2006 Washington, DC Felon Voting
5/3/2006 New York, NY Customary International Law, the War on Terror, and the Constitution
5/3/2006 Washington, DC Telecommunications Federalism Conference
11/13/2005 Washington, DC 5th Annual Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture

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